Our Services

Brush Survey´s
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  • Facilitates a consistent, and easy method for ordering
  • Helps identify similar items which allows for more economical purchasing and reduces inventory
  • Improves brush life and equipment performance by reviewing the specific applications and there conditions
  • Creates a common reference point for troubleshooting problems
  • Special knowledge of this technical product is not required to order once in place
Brush Seminars
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We will come on-site and put on a detailed carbon brush seminar followed by a Q & A session.

Important benefits include:

  • Learn how to resolve many issues that contribute to carbon brush wear
  • You will learn how to extend the life of the carbon brush
  • Reduces your maintenance costs by correcting many common problems with the brush circuit
On-Site Application Analysis
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Our philosophy is simple! (PH: 519-758-1717)

JUST CALL! or click here to contact us and we will come on site to troubleshoot any carbon brush related issues.

With our 80+ years in the carbon brush business we are confident many of the issues you face can be resolved. Our goal is to maximize the life of your carbon brushes. Many of the issues are relatively simple to correct and with an on-site inspection you can rest assured we will solve the problem.