Brush Survey´s

Carbon Products of Canada, Inc. offers a unique service called a "brush survey" which can help make brush identification and purchasing a lot easier.

How it works:

We will review all applications in your plant that use carbon brushes. Full name plate and brush specifications are recorded. Recommendations are made by the Helwig technical staff to help maximize brush and equipment performance. All information is listed in a reference book with unique "reorder part numbers" (i.e. stores or bin number for each brush and corresponding application). Copies of the "survey book" are distributed to the appropriate maintenance and purchasing people. Helwig Carbon and their service rep will also have a copy. All that is required to order brushes is a reorder part number and book number.

Brush surveys have the following advantages:

  • Facilitates a consistent, easy method for ordering brushes
  • Helps identify similar items which allows for more economical purchasing and reduced inventories
  • Improves brush life and equipment performance by reviewing the unique aspects and conditions of each individual application
  • Special knowledge of this technical product is not required to place orders
  • Creates a common reference point for trouble shooting problems

Download sample data sheet