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Carbon Products Canada Inc. is an exclusive distributor of for Helwig Products Inc., one of the last North American owned manufacturers of carbon brushes, brush holders, constant force spring assemblies, mechanical carbons, quick disconnect terminals, mounts and sliding contacts. Our brushes and brush holders are used on large industrial motors; both commutator and slip ring, fractional horsepower motors, tachometers, synchronous motors and permanent magnetic motors. We service a wide range of industries including power generation, steel, mining, paper, motor repair, elevator, railroad, transit and OEM.

Carbon Products Canada Inc. Mission Statement

We shall strive to provide the highest value in electrical and mechanical carbon related products. We will pursue this through the continuing development of superior quality products and on site services for the betterment of all customers and our employees.

Customer Service
Ontario, Manitoba & Saskatchewan
Devin Aherne
Phone: 519-758-1717
Cell: 905.572.0262
Quebec & Maritimes
Richard Letourneau
Cell: 514.462.2253
Technical Support
Chuck Aherne
Phone: 519.758.1717
Cell: 905.572.0309
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